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Kanika Tolver examines ills that plague individuals in their quest to create a balanced life while offering life-altering solutions that speak to ANY person at a place of understanding.


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    Just finished reading Life Rehab, by Kanika Tolver, the book is a great read. I typically do not like motivational books, but this is a keeper. It addresses the many issues that not only woman, but people in general struggle with. The book assist you in developing a plan to be successful, from the inside out. Strongly recommend that you get the book, and also get a copy to give to college graduates. You go on Mrs. Tolver. -Cynthia Brookins

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    Kaniks Tolver’s “Life Rehab: Don’t Overdose on Pain, People and Power” removes the excuses that keep individuals from taking control of their life, in order to create the change they desire to experience. This book clearly shows how to create an atmosphere that invites a life of success. Kanika’s heart felt approach will guide you to a place of clarity and positive change.

    -Matthew C. Horne, Author/Motivational Speaker

  3. (verified owner):

    It was hard to stop reading Life Rehab once I started. I finished in two days. In a word, the book is personal. People typically should earn the privilege to get so intimate with another person. Kanika is bold and fearless. She bared it all and shared it with the world — and it’s inspiring to boot. I’ve never seen honest introspection done so well. And, I have challenged myself to meet her level. I am certainly better for this gift she’s shared with us. REQUIRED READING!!

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    An incredible experience, I had to read the book twice! I love the rehab plan . Everybody can find a cure in this book. It is a must read, particularly those yearning to transpose the circumstances in their lives.

    Thank you for the inspiration Kanika, you did an awesome job conveying essential truths.

    May God continue to used your gifts to impact lives, many blessing forward.

    Raul Baez

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    “LIFE REHAB”, WOW!! Kanika Tolver went and got that thang! Kanika has given the world a piece literature that is surely a Game Changer! Your Life Rehab, has told a piece of my story, as well as, I’m sure many others who aren’t heard. This book is the roadmap to a healthy mental, spiritual and physical life. I know Grandma is proud!! A MUST READ!!

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    Life Rehab came at just the right time in my life and I am so thankful for the inspiration I got from this awesome book! :) After reading this book you can identify toxic situations in your life, and get a positive solution to your personal insecurities or problems. Life Rehab helped me cope with my flaws, and control my emotions through faith. She shared so many personal “real life” experiences that we all can relate to in one way or another. If you haven’t gotten a better get one soon..Everybody needs a little “LIFE REHAB” :)

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