What is Career Rehab?

Career Rehab is both a state of mind and a plan of action designed to lead to career restoration and renewal. In simple terms, Career Rehab is taking control of your career and applying resilience amidst poor career experiences. Career Rehab enhances your ability to cope when you dislike your co-workers, work assignments, management team, commute, compensation or some other aspect of your work.

The Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver™ career coaching program is like the building or renovating of a home; sometimes you have to tear it down and rebuild a new foundation that you can brand, market and sell for your career. It’s perfectly okay that you may have to start from ground zero as you build or rebuild your personal brand. You are not just an employee you are a brand that offers a unique skill set to an organization. All major businesses go through b product development phases for the launching of a new product it’s no different with your career development.

The Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver™ coaching program will teach you how to do the following:

  • Build Your Brand Dating Jobs
  • Market Yourself Like an Ad
  • Network Like a Hustler
  • Get Paid Now: Money, Power and Respect
  • Be You, Sell You

 What’s Included:

  1. Access to my video courses.
  2. Access to my private Facebook group to exchange with successful professionals.
  3. Access to exclusive webinars.
  4. Reliable email support to answer all of your questions.

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