What is Career Rehab?

The Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver™ coaching program equips professionals to brand themselves like a product, “date” jobs to build their personal brands, network like a hustler, and get the pay they deserve. It’s perfectly okay to start from ground zero as we build or rebuild our personal brand. All major businesses go through product development phases for the launching of a new product it’s no different with career development.

The participants of the Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver™ program will learn how to:

  • Create a Rehab YOU Career Blueprint
  • Network In Person and Online
  • Prepare for Showtime: Job Interviews
  • Fearlessly Negotiate Your Job Offer

The great thing about the concept of career rehab is that it works for the average professional, who may have given up and now believes they will never have the career they want. Deep down, they are looking for a solution. Maybe you are ready to get the promotion you want or you are ready for a career change.

Your search ends here! Ready to rehab your career? Fill in this form and join the career rehab journey!